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  • Sharon Houwen, Women's Health Nurse
Nov 14

Lunch and Learn Session

Pap smears will soon become a thing of the past in the fight against cervical cancer.  From December 1, the Australian Government will replace Pap smears with the more effective Cervical Screening Tests.  A Pap smear looks for abnormal cell changes on the cervix that may go on to develop cancer, while the new test can actually detect the cause of the abnormal cells: the human papillomavirus (HPV).  This means the Cervical Cancer Test will put women one step ahead in cervical cancer detection.  With the new test, most women will also only need to get checked every five years, instead of every two years with Pap smears, making it a double win for women.  For further information go to Jean Hailes for Women’s Health www.

Our two nurses, Sharon and Sonia will be available to talk to women’s groups and workplaces on the upcoming changes during November.  We will also hold a lunch and learn session on Tuesday 14th November 2017 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Desert Blue Studio, 28 Durlacher Street.  This session will be free and lunch is provided.  RSVP required to

Please contact Sharon for further information on 9964 2742 (Tuesday to Thursday) or email

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