Feb 20

Desert Blue Connect will be offering a support and education group for women who have or who are experiencing family violence.  It is open to all women and will provide a supportive, safe and confidential environment to meet and talk with other women.

The group commences on the 6th February 10:30am to 12:00 noon and will run for 10 weeks.  It will be facilitated each week by Kathy, Clinical Services Co-ordinator at Desert Blue Connect, supported by other organisations who will present on different topics and includes some weeks with art therapy.

Morning tea, child activities and transport will be available at the venue.  The venue will not be advertised publicly for safety reasons so please ring Desert Blue Connect or ask your referring agency where the group is held.

If you need further details contact Kathy at kathyw@desertblueconnect.org.au or call 9964 2742 if you require pick up and drop off.

Term 1 Schedule

Week 1: Welcome, introduction & self-care

Week 2: Feelings and self-esteem (with art therapy)

Week 3: Violence free families and community (with art therapy)

Week 4: Understanding family violence

Week 5: Understanding abuse, power and control (with art therapy)

Week 6: Identifying strengths (with art therapy)

Week 7: Self-care and women’s health

Week 8: FVRO’s and the legal system

Week 9: Optional Week – family violence and our children

Week 10: Optional Week – child abuse and neglect

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